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Applying for a rental home


Fill in the rental home application form and send it to us with the required attachments and certificates. We accept applications at all times. Please remember to keep your application information up to date. Applicants should inform us of any changes in their family, income and living conditions.

Our rental homes are supported by the government/society, and eligibility of applicants is taken into account.

We will contact you when we find a suitable home for you. You will have a few days to decide whether to move into the apartment or not. If you decide to move in, we will go through the contractual matters, such as the rental deposit and rental agreement.

Please send the application via email to or by post to Sevas Kodit Oy, Vuokrakodit, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki.

You can extend the validity period of your application and keep in contact with us by using the email address.

Online rental home application form

Printable rental home application form (doc)

Conditions of contract (rental agreement)

Rental deposit

As a guarantee of fulfilling the terms of tenancy, all tenants are required to make a rental deposit. If you have a bad credit rating, the rental deposit may be larger.

Guarantee fee

The amount of the fee depends on the size of the apartment.

1 room + kitchenette 700 €
1 room + kitchen 700 €
1 room + kitchen–living room 700 €
2 rooms + kitchenette 700 €
2 rooms + kitchen 900 €
2 rooms + kitchen–living room 900 €
3 rooms + kitchen 1 000 €
3 rooms + kitchen–living room 1 000 €
4 rooms + kitchen 1 200 €
5 rooms + kitchen 1 400 €

The guarantee fee should be paid to this bank account:
Sevas Kodit Oy
IBAN: FI66 5419 0120 0984 58

The guarantee fee is kept in Sevas’ bank account for the duration of the whole tenancy. The deposit will be returned to the tenant when the tenancy has ended, if the tenant has fulfilled all obligations and the apartment is handed over cleaned and in a normal condition with all keys. The landlord has the right to keep all those receivables arising from the terms of the rental agreement. 

Housing benefits

People on a low-income can live in good quality homes by applying for state-funded housing benefit from Kela (The Social Insurance Institution). There is more information on housing benefits at Kela’s website