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Resident’s Guidebook for Sevas rental homes

We welcome you as a resident of a Sevas rental home!

The Resident’s Guidebook is designed to give you detailed information regarding living in a Sevas rental home. Please familiarise yourself with the guidebook and search for further information. If you cannot find the needed answers in the guidebook, please contact us at the Sevas office. You can call us, drop by at the office or send us a message through our website.

In the guidebook, you can find information regarding contractual matters and the obligations for residents. The guidebook also offers advice for daily living in our rental homes.

We hope you enjoy living in your Sevas rental home!

Contractual matters

Rental agreement and lease time

A rental agreement is made either for an indefinite period of time or for a time-limited period. The rental agreement is signed at the Sevas office. Both spouses sign the rental agreement for a family apartment. A rental agreement of an under-aged tenant is signed both by the tenant and by his/her guardian.

When signing the rental agreement, you agree to follow the tenancy law, terms of the rental agreement and the house rules of order. The house rules also apply to your guests.

Rental deposits

A guarantee fee is paid before signing the rental agreement. The fee is determined by the size and type of apartment.

When the tenancy has ended, the landlord has the right to recover any costs caused by damage done by the tenant or cleaning costs incurred after the tenant has moved out. If the apartment has been properly cleaned and is in a good condition, the guarantee fee is returned to the tenant’s bank account at the end of the tenancy. The guarantee fee cannot be used to pay the last month’s rent.

Amounts of the guarantee fee


Moving in

The starting date of the rental agreement is normally the date that you move in. Please check the date from the Sevas office.

Notice of moving

You have to make a notification of move when moving in or out from an apartment. It can be easily done by calling 0295 535 535 or filling in the form at The notice is registered both at the Local Register Office as well as the Post Office. Remember to inform Sevas as well!

Moving inspection

When you move into an apartment, please inspect the condition of the apartment.

The purpose of the moving inspection is to guarantee the legal rights of a new tenant and to avoid situations, where you end up being responsible for damage caused by the previous tenant. If you notice shortcomings in the cleaning or the condition of the apartment, please contact the Sevas office immediately. You will find a new tenant welcome note in the apartment, which is a sign that a moving inspection has been conducted.

Reporting defects

Please report immediately to the technical property management any defects you notice in the apartment that require immediate maintenance. A list of phone numbers by street name can be found here. You can also use an online form for contacting the maintenance service.

Home insurance

We recommend that all our tenants take home and liability insurance from an insurance company. The insurance of Sevas Kodit Oy does not cover the personal property/movables of the tenants.

Moving out

The notification time for moving out is one month, calculated from the last day of the month, when the notice is given. For example, if you want your tenancy to end at the end of December, you have to give the termination notice during November.

Termination of renting an apartment should be made in writing. All the names of the people, who have signed the rental agreement, should be on the notification.

Cleaning after moving out

The apartment must be cleaned thoroughly. Pay special attention to the kitchen, toilet and bathroom/sauna. Please, also remember to defrost the refrigerator and freezer, and leave their doors open.

If Sevas needs to clean an apartment, then the tenant will be charged with all expenses incurred. Please also remember to empty and clean all storage spaces. It’s important that you don’t leave any items behind in storage areas or in other common areas in the house. Removal expenses incurred from items left behind will be charged to the tenant.

Cleaning instructions can be found on the back of the notice form.

Please remember to return all keys to Sevas.

Responsibilities of residents

Rent payment

Rent, water fees and parking space fees are paid by the fifth date of each month at the latest. Sevas Kodit Oy will provide the required instructions and payment forms.

Please use the correct reference number and check that the amount is correct. Keep all payment receipts or bank account statements as proof that the rents have been paid.

In cases of delayed rent payment, late payment interest, notice of outstanding payment and collection costs are charged to the tenant. Those who have signed the rental agreement, are jointly responsible for the payments stated in the agreement.

Sublet agreement and subleasing

You can sublet or sublease your apartment for a limited time. Subletting and subleasing needs to be approved by Sevas Kodit Oy. As the main tenant of an apartment, you are responsible for the apartment and rent payment during the stay of a subtenant. The main tenant pays the rent to Sevas Kodit Oy and charges the amount to the subtenant.

Washing machines

If a washing machine is installed in the apartment it is done with the responsibility and cost of the resident. Please make sure that the washing machine and dishwasher connections are correctly installed. The installer chosen by the resident is responsible for the installation. Only trained professionals should do the installations.

When removing domestic appliances while moving out, please make sure that you disconnect the connections properly. Store securely the cabinet placed in the dishwasher space, and place it back again when moving out (the cabinet installation is not a service provided by the technical property management of Sevas Kodit Oy). Dishwashers do not belong to the standard equipment of Sevas Kodit Oy, so please remove yours when you move out.

Restrictions for interior decorating

Your apartment must remain unbroken and usable for future tenants. If you hang furniture or paintings on the walls, only drill the required amount of holes.

If you wish to conduct modifications to the apartment, please contact the property manager first. A resident is responsible for the expenses caused by restoring the apartment to its original state.

Property maintenance

Each of our houses has its own property management company. The list of phone numbers to report a defect can be found here by street name, available only in Finnish.

Defect reporting

All defects should be reported to the property management company. This can be done by calling the company or by using the service call function on our website. If you notice any defects in the apartment you are required to immediately inform the technical property management. Failure to report any defect can result in a compensation claim towards the resident.

When the serviceman arrives, he will first ring the doorbell. If no one opens the door, he will open the door with the master key. When making the service call, you can ask the serviceman to contact you before entering your apartment. Please make sure to inform if you have pets when you make the service call.

Familiarise yourself with the responsibility allocation table provided with the rental agreement. The table gives you information about which maintenance related measures are the tenant’s responsibility and which are the service company’s responsibility.

Responsibility allocation table

Price list for resident billing

The landlord will charge tenants for expenses caused by deliberate harming of the apartment or expenses incurred through an untidy apartment.

Price list for resident billing


Living in the rental home


Tenants will be given three (3) keys for each apartment. Four (4) keys will be given for larger apartments which have (4) or five (5) rooms. Tenants pay for the production of extra keys. Extra keys can be ordered from the Sevas office.

All keys that are handed over to the tenants, are marked in a key register for safety reasons. New tenants will get the keys from the Sevas office. At that point, we will check that the tenant gets the right number of keys and that none of the keys are missing or in the possession of the old tenant All keys must be returned to the Sevas office when the tenant moves out from the apartment.

All keys allow access to the common spaces in the house. A key is a personal item, and it must be handled carefully and responsibly. If you lose your key, please contact the Sevas office immediately. Tenants pay for the ordering and production of new keys as well as for changing the locks and IT-system reprogramming, if those measures are needed.

If you have left your key at home and locked yourself out, please contact your maintenance service company. The tenant will be charged for the costs of opening the door. Doors will only be opened for those who are enrolled as residents of the apartment in question. Therefore, tenants need to show their ID card to the service man.

House rules of order

The house rules of order are included in the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Familiarise yourself with the rules and follow them.

House rules of order

Smoke alarms

Sevas Kodit Oy is responsible for arranging an adequate number of smoke alarms for each apartment. The tenants are responsible for keeping the alarms operational.

Usage of yards

It is forbidden to drive or park any motor vehicles on the roads and walkways within a house’s yard. Motor vehicles can only be parked in spaces marked for them.

Pets must be kept on leashes, and all droppings must be collected and thrown into a waste bin.

Reporting recurrent interferences/disturbances

If there are recurring breaches of house rules of order in your house, such as noise during quiet hours, please contact the Sevas office.

Sorting of waste

Please make sure that you follow the waste sorting and collecting instructions for your house. Waste collection points are not landfills, where you can dump broken household appliances or furniture. Costs for removal of those items that are not normal waste will be charged to the tenants.

Laundry service

Usage of the laundry room is included in the rent. The laundry room is booked by marking your name and apartment number on the reservation list. Use all machines with care. If you notice a defect with a machine, please inform the service company immediately.

Leave the laundry room tidy for the next user.

If you wash and dry laundry in your apartment, please make sure the ventilation is effective enough to avoid any moisture damage.


Sauna usage is included in the rent. You can book the sauna by marking your name and apartment number on the reservation list.
Leave the sauna tidy for the next user.

Storage space

There is common storage space for outdoor equipment, prams and bicycles.

In winter, bicycles should be kept in the bike storage, out of the way of snow ploughing. Bikes should not be stored on the stairwells.

Each apartment has its own storage unit marked with the apartment number. It is important that you do not leave any items behind in the storage unit when you move out. Removal expenses incurred from items left behind will be charged to the tenant.

It is forbidden to store flammable items or liquids, like mopeds, car batteries or fuels, in the storage unit. Storage of any items in the common areas or other areas of the house is also forbidden. Sevas Kodit Oy does not take any responsibility for any items left in such places.

Parking spaces

You can reserve a parking space for your car from the Sevas office. Depending on the house, there are either carports or spaces with plugs available. It is forbidden to use interior pre-heating systems in your car.

It is only permitted to park motor vehicles in the marked spaces.

Club and hobby rooms

Several Sevas houses have club and hobby rooms for residents’ use. Tenant committees are responsible for the usage and for keys to the rooms.

Internet connection

Our tenants can access an affordable Sevasnetti Internet connection. Please contact the operator Elisa Oyj for further information.

Tenant committees

We have Tenant Committees in all of our Sevas Kodit Oy houses. Some of the committee members might also belong to the Resident Council. If there are some issues you would like to bring up, please contact your house’s Tenant Committee or the members of the Resident Council. The Resident Council is a link between the tenants and the Board of Sevas Kodit Oy. It also arranges different kinds of events for the tenants.

Communication to the residents

Sevas Kodit Oy informs residents of all current and important matters.

Our official communication channels are:

  • Notice boards
  • website
  • Facebook pages (Sevas Kodit and Sevas Opiskelijakodit)
  • Information bulletins (for each house when needed)
  • Sevasmaailma magazine (distributed twice a year to all apartments)