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House Rules of Order

These house rules of order have been approved for the safeguard of residents’ living comfort and sanctity of home.

All residents should, by their behaviour and other means, take other residents into consideration and follow the manners required for the sanctity of home. Residents have to take care that their guests also obey the rules.

Residents are also obliged by the rental agreement, Order Act and general laws.

Common Areas

When the outdoors are locked, you have to ensure that they are locked again after using them.

Common areas and yards must be used with tidiness and discipline. Brawling, loitering and smoking are prohibited in the common areas.

The laundry room, drying facilities and sauna facilities must be tidied after use. These facilities must be reserved through the reservation list. Remember to also mark cancellations.

For fire safety, all goods must be stored in designated spaces. Storage of fire hazardous substances must follow fire safety regulations.

Attaching signboards and advertisements, as well as installation of antennas etc., can only be done with the permission of Sevas Kodit Oy.

The maintenance company or Sevas Kodit Oy must be notified of any defects or damage in the buildings.

Waste Disposal

Household waste and other garbage must be taken as packed to the trashcans. Sorting of waste must be done according to the regulations. The residents themselves must remove waste other than household waste. Environmentally unfriendly waste must be taken to a refuse centre.


Parking spaces are meant for vehicles which are in regular use. Parking is allowed only in the spaces specifically marked as parking spaces. Unusable vehicles are removed at the expense of the vehicle holder. Idling of vehicles is prohibited.


Pets must be kept on a leash while outside the apartments. Pets must not disturb other residents and those visiting the buildings. They are not allowed to dirty the building or the land. Pet walking must not be carried out in or close to the children’s playground.


Neighbours must not be disturbed in the apartments. One must avoid excessive noise, especially between 10 pm (22.00) and 7 am (7.00).

Apartments must be looked after with care. The maintenance company or Sevas Kodit Oy must be notified of water leakages and other possible defects in the apartments. One must avoid putting harmful waste in the toilet and other drains.

Notification of Move

According to law, one must inform not only Sevas Kodit Oy but also the Local Register Office and the Post Office of a change of address when moving in or out of the apartment.


Dusting of carpets and bedclothes is allowed only on the balconies or areas reserved for this purpose.

Breaking the Rules

Breaking of the house rules of order may lead to the liability of damage or termination of the rental agreement.

House rules of order (PDF)