Resident Democracy and Quality of Living

The residents of Sevas rental homes can influence matters regarding their living conditions. Things run smoothly when residents together discuss and come up with ideas to increase the pleasantness of their living environment.

The law regarding resident democracy and the joint administration of rental houses provides a good framework for residence action. Sevas Kodit Oy offers its tenants many possibilities to influence the living conditions and the common ground rules.

The more active the residents are, the more they see their homes and the residential environment as their own. In most of our houses, there are yard maintenance days, when all residents can participate in cleaning and maintenance work, while getting to know their neighbours at the same time.

The clubrooms are great places to organise common parties. They are also suitable for arranging all kinds of activities, like aerobics, gym clubs, weight lifting, cooking club, painting club for children or just talking on important matters etc.

There are many options for residence action, and each one of the tenants can participate the way they like. The results of co-operation bring a long lasting joy to all residents!

All ideas on how we can improve residence action are most welcome!

Principles of Resident Democracy

There is a law of joint administration of rental houses in force for Arava rental houses. (649/1990).

The purpose of the law is to improve the owner’s communication of its procedures and administration as well as to increase the safety and living comfort of the residents.

Resident Council

The Resident Council is a link between the tenants and the Board of Sevas Kodit Oy. It also arranges different kind of events for the tenants.

We have Tenant Committees in all Sevas Kodit Oy houses. Some of the committee members might also belong to the Resident Council. If there are some issues you would like to bring up, please contact your house’s Tenant Committee or the members of the Resident Council.

Members of the Resident Council

Ahonen Mauri, Törnäväntie 10
tel. 040 584 2964

Rinta-Jaskari Jarmo, Törnäväntie 10

Other Members:
Marja-Leena Saari, Ylisentie 12-14
Hietala Erja, Suviviita 4
Lehtonen Jorma, Koulukatu 52
Salo Pentti, Nelssonintie 1
Katajamäki Margit, Tervasviita 2-4
Pösö Raimo, Suviita 2