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Applying for a starter rental home


18–25 year olds, who are not studying, are living with their parents and are from Seinäjoki, can apply for Sevas starter rental homes. Our starter rental homes are located close to the Seinäjoki city centre at Pellervonkatu 9.

Appendices for the application:

  • from those who are working, a salary certificate or a copy of the pay slip
  • from those who are unemployed, a certificate of the unemployment allowance
  • tax certificate
  • account of your assets, value of your possessions (house, car etc.)
  • statement, if needed, that an apartment is justified for some other specific reason

We will check the credit records of all applicants. If the credit records are bad, the application might be rejected. As an applicant, you give your consent for your credit record being checked and you are committed to give the correct information about yourself and your situation.

Please send the application and needed appendices via email opi(at), or by post Sevas Kodit Oy, Starter rental homes, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki.

 Printable application form for a starter rental home (doc)

Rental deposit

A rental deposit or guarantee fee, which has to be paid before signing the rental agreement, is the tenant’s guarantee that they will discharge their responsibilities and take good care of the apartment. When the rental agreement has been terminated, the landlord can use the guarantee fee to cover the cost of damages or for extra cleaning, should that be required. If the apartment is in good condition and all the obligations have been fulfilled, the guarantee fee will be returned to the tenant.

The guarantee fee must be paid before we hand you the keys to your apartment.

The guarantee fee for starter rental homes is the same as one month’s rent.

The guarantee fee is not an advance for the rent, nor can it be used for the payment of the last month’s rent before moving out.

The guarantee fee is kept in company’ bank account for the duration of the whole tenancy. The deposit will be returned to the tenant when the tenancy has ended, if the tenant has fulfilled all obligations and the apartment is handed over cleaned and in a normal condition with all keys. The landlord has the right to keep all those receivables arising from the terms of the rental agreement.

Rental deposit (pdf)


Application period

We accept applications all the time.

Please send the application and the needed appendices via email opi(at), or by post Sevas Kodit Oy, Starter rental homes, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki.

An application is valid for three (3) months. You can renew your application by calling or emailing us.

Please cancel your application if you do not need an apartment from us anymore.

Rental agreement

The rental agreement can be signed, when the guarantee fee has been paid. If you have signed the agreement, but you are not moving to the apartment, the agreement needs to be terminated in writing. The period of notice for the tenant is one calendar month, and it always lasts until the end of the following month after giving the notice of termination.

The rental agreement is made until further notice, and the tenants themselves terminate the agreement.

The rent includes water and an Internet connection. Electricity and heat are not included in the rent. The tenant must make a separate contract for electricity with the electricity company, and pay the monthly electricity fee according to the meter placed in the apartment.

Conditions of contract (rental agreement

Housing benefits

In order for people on low-incomes to live in good quality homes, they can apply for state-funded housing benefits from Kela (The Social Insurance Institution).

More information on housing benefits at Kela’s website

Termination of an apartment

Termination of an apartment should be done in writing. The notice time is one month, and it’s calculated from the last day of the month, when the notice was given.

You should use Sevas’ application form for the termination. All the names of the people who signed the rental agreement should also be in the notice. Please remember to include you contact information and to sign the notice.

When filling in the notice form, please remember to include your bank account details in IBAN form. We can only return the rental deposit to IBAN accounts.

Printable Notice of Termination of an apartment

When moving out

When you move out of the apartment, please remember to send the change of address notification to the Local Register Office (Maistraatti) and the Post Office (Posti).

The apartment must be cleaned thoroughly. Pay special attention to the kitchen, toilet and bathroom/sauna. Also remember to defrost the refrigerator and freezer, and to leave their doors open.

If Sevas needs to take care of the cleaning of the apartment, all expenses will be charged to the tenant. Please remember to empty and clean all storage spaces as well. It is important that you do not leave any items behind in storage or in other common areas in the house.

Cleaning instructions can be found on the back of the notice form.

Please remember to return all keys to Sevas.