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Applying for a rental student home


Sevas student homes are meant for those studying at Seinäjoki schools and universities, or for those doing an internship in Seinäjoki.

We can rent student homes for other applicants as well, should there be apartments available. In these cases, the rental agreements are signed only for a limited time and they end by August 31st. In summer, there are usually plenty of free student apartments available for 1­–5 months.

Student apartments are always rented for full months only.

You can only apply for a student apartment by using the electronic application form. Please remember to send us all the needed appendices separately.

Please note that you should mark your income and wealth data in the application form. In case you have no income / wealth, enter 0 (= zero) in the fields. Income data (monthly salary) is recorded as permanent monthly income during studies. Financial aid for students and general housing allowance is not recorded as an income data.

Online application is pretty long and contains unnecessary questions eg. exchange students, see…:
See HOW TO FILL out an ONLINE application the easiest way (pdf 1 MB)

ONLINE application for a student home


If online application do not work, try printable application:
Printable application form for a student home (doc)

Please send the printable application and needed appendices either by regular mail to Sevas Kodit Oy, Student homes, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki or as scanned attachments (pdf- or jpg-file) by email to vuokraus(at)

If you want to make changes to your application or provide more information please do not send us a new application. Instead, please send the information by email to vuokraus(at) or by regular mail to Sevas Kodit Oy, Student homes, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki.

Please remember to cancel your application when you do not need an apartment from us anymore.

School or internship acceptance confirmation

You can send us a student home application, when you have received acceptance confirmation from your school or when you have a confirmed study related job or internship period.

We also need a confirmation (or a certificate) of your studies, internship or job.

Exception: Students admitted to the International Programme/Business school OR to the degree programmes of International Business or Nursing in joint application DO NOT NEED TO send the certificate. SeAMK Admissions Services will automatically send a list of new students to Sevas.

Ask your school or employer to send the confirmation directly to us. An email from your school or employer is also acceptable. (Email address: opi(at) In the confirmation, the school or employer must mention the start and end dates of your studies, internship or job.

We will process your application after we have received the confirmation.

Application period

We accept applications all year round.

An application is valid for three (3) months. You can renew your application by contacting us by phone 06 420 3311 or by email vuokraus(at)

Rental agreement

Usually a rental agreement is made for an indefinite period of time, and the tenants themselves terminate their agreement after finishing their studies and/or when they move into another apartment. The period of notice for a tenant is one calendar month, and it always lasts until the end of the following month after the termination notification has been given.

With summer tenants we only make rental agreements for a fixed time period. The fixed time period is binding for both parties, and an agreement of definite duration cannot be terminated during the agreed period.

Conditions of contract (rental agreement)

Rental deposit

The rental deposit or guarantee fee, which has to be paid before signing the rental agreement, is the tenant’s guarantee that they will discharge their responsibilities and take good care of the apartment. When the rental agreement has been terminated, the landlord can use the guarantee fee to cover the cost of damage or for extra cleaning, should it be required. If the apartment is in good condition and all the obligations have been fulfilled, the guarantee fee will be returned to the tenant.

The guarantee fee must be paid before we hand you the keys to your apartment.

The guarantee fee for a studio apartment is 400 euros and for family apartments it is 600 euros. The guarantee fee is not an advancement for the rent, nor can it be used as payment for the last month’s rent before moving out.

The guarantee fee should be paid to this bank account:

Sevas Kodit Oy
IBAN: FI66 5419 0120 0984 58

The guarantee fee is kept in Sevas’ bank account for the duration of the whole tenancy. The deposit will be returned to the tenant when the tenancy has ended, if the tenant has fulfilled all obligations and the apartment is handed over cleaned and in a normal condition with all keys. The landlord has the right to keep all those receivables arising from the terms of the rental agreement.

Guardian’s consent

Students under the age of 18 need to have their guardian’s/parent’s consent in applying for a Sevas student home. Sevas student homes are normal rental apartments, so we do not monitor the students in any way. Life management is in the hands of the students themselves.

Guardian’s consent form (doc)

Please send the printable application and appendices required either by regular mail to Sevas Kodit Oy, Student homes, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki or as scanned attachments (pdf- or jpg-file) by email to vuokraus(at)

Please remember to cancel your applications, should you not need an apartment from us anymore.


Moving out

Termination of and apartment

The termination of an apartment is always made in writing, either by visiting the Sevas office, or by post, fax, or via the Internet. In all cases, the tenant has to prove his or her identity in accordance with the regulations of Sevas Kodit Oy. When terminating the rental agreement, the tenant gives Sevas permission to carry out an inspection of the apartment.

The form for terminating the rental agreement/apartment must contain all necessary information about the tenant, the apartment, and the tenancy. You can get these forms from the Sevas office or on our web pages.

Make sure that you have paid the last month’s rent on time before you move out.

Printable form for the Termination of an Apartment (doc)