Register statement

Register statement of the apartment applicant and resident register

Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §
Sevas Kodit Oy

1. Registrar

Sevas Kodit Oy
Phone (06) 420 3311

2. The person responsible for registry matters

CEO Sami Siikala

3. Purpose of personal data processing

Making resident selections and maintaining resident administration

4. Data content of the register

  1. Applicant/Resident’s name
  2. Personal identification number
  3. Address, e-mail address and telephone number at the time of the apartment search
  4. Study information (educational institution, degree program and duration of studies) or rank/profession of the youth resident or other resident
  5. Income and wealth information at the time of application
  6. Corresponding information of a spouse living together
  7. Children’s full names with social security numbers
  8. Address, type, size and amount of rent and other possible housing costs of the rented apartment

5. Regular sources of information

The information is collected from the applicants themselves using apartment application forms.

6. Regular data transfers

1. To the National Pension Institute (=KELA) for the payment of the housing allowance for study support. KELA also requires a social security number in addition to the name and residence information when accessing information.
2. To the Seinäjoki city’s housing measure for the supervision of resident choices. State the name and the reason for obtaining housing.

7. Principles of registry protection

Manual information in the register includes written housing applications and lease agreements, which are kept in locked filing cabinets or premises.

Only designated persons can access the electronic register using personal usernames and passwords.