Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my application valid?

The application is valid for three (3) months. The application must be updated at least every three months, otherwise the application will expire and be removed from our application register.

How can I change the information I provided in my application?

If your housing wishes or life situation change, you can update the information in your application by notifying us by e-mail to or by calling our customer service on 06 420 3311.

Do I need to provide my children’s information with my application?

Yes. The application must include the surname, first name and personal identity code. If you cannot get them registered, please contact us by e-mail with the missing information.

Can I apply for an internal exchange from an apartment in Sevas to another apartment in Sevas?

Yes, but there must be no open claims.

Why do I need to submit attachments?

According to ARA’s rules, the housing application must be accompanied by at least attachments of the monthly income at the time of application and a pre-completed tax return.

The appendices ensure the information in the housing application so that Sevas Kodit Oy can comply with ARA’s tenant selection criteria in its tenant selection.

What is a tax return and where can I get it?

The latest pre-completed tax return for all persons over the age of 18 moving into the apartment, as well as, in the case of real estate, a real estate tax decision if you own the property.

A pre-completed tax return and a real estate tax decision can be obtained, for example: From MyTax:

The MyTax > Actions tab > the Communication and Communication section, where The decision and letters > Mailbox (or storage) with tax returns and decisions.

Based on the pre-completed tax return, it is determined whether the applicant has assets and debts, which, according to the instructions below, must be separately investigated.

Income data

Employed = Pay stub or account tape

Moving to the locality = Certificate from the future employer about the start of work and salary

Pensioner = Certificate of the amount of gross pension

Unemployed = Certificate of daily allowances paid

Trader = Latest income statement and balance sheet or income statement form

Person on maternity leave, childcare leave, study or leave of absence = Certificate of salary before leaving work

Certificate of deductions from income

State-guaranteed student loans and child support payments


If one of the movers owns all or part of the apartment, real estate or other assets:

A statement of the probable transfer price of the property, a copy of the deed of transfer if the property has been disposed of, the certificates are issued. liabilities to property.

Depending on the applicant’s life situation

  • Student = study certificate for persons over 18 years of age, indicating the estimated graduation time
  • Certificate of service from a person in the army
  • Pregnancy certificate
  • Termination/eviction decision/fixed-term lease agreement
  • Health inspector’s opinion/demolition decision
  • Medical certificate if health conditions affect the need for housing

Applicants who already have a lease agreement with Sevas Kodit and who wish to move from one student apartment to another can submit a new student housing application. This information must also be written in the application. If friends or a couple have signed a joint rental agreement with Sevas Homes and the other party is moving out, it is possible that the other party will live alone in the apartment in question. This should also be written in the application.

The party staying in the apartment should contact Sevas Kodit customer service, fill in an application (a new contract must always be made through a new application) and both parties must terminate the mutual tenancy agreement.

Sevas Kodit customer services telephone number is 06 420 3311 and choice number 1.

A condition for changing apartments and contract changes is always that the applicant has no unpaid rent, housing disturbances or the tenant has not been dismissed.

Our service fee for apartment changes and contract changes is 75,00€ and it is paid by separate invoice. The service fee is based on measures caused by contract changes and apartment exchanges, which apply not only to Sevas Kodit but also to a large number of our partners.

You have received the terms of the lease attached to the lease agreement, which also include the rules and regulations. Familiarize yourself with the rules and follow them.

House Rules of Order

I want a parking space

If you need a parking space, please contact our customer service directly. You can conveniently pay for the parking space in connection with the rest of the rental.

How many parking spaces can I have

If you have two parking spaces at your disposal, you may have to give up one if other residents who need a parking space come to the house and there are no available parking spaces. Fair play!

Who are the parking spaces for

Naturally, there is a limited number of parking spaces, so the parking space is intended only for storing a car or motorcycle that is in regular use. This means that the parking spaces do not include trucks, tractors, forklifts, wheelbarrows or other more special or bulky vehicles.

If you have receivables of more than one (1) month to Sevas Kodit Oy, we cannot add a parking space to your contract.


Parking spaces are intended for vehicles in use. Parking of vehicles is permitted with a company permit only in the places reserved and marked for them. Non-roadworthy vehicles are removed at the expense of the holder of the vehicle. Unnecessary idling of vehicles is prohibited.

Parking space rental

Parking space with pole: 12 €/month

Carport rental: 18 €/month


Who can apply for a normal rental apartment at Sevas Homes?

Sevas Homes rental apartments are ordinary rental apartments, homes for all of us. But since they are ARA-funded, we must take into account a few rules when selecting residents.

The rental apartments of Sevas Homes are ARA funded and there are asset limits for the apartments. ARA supports the construction of reasonably priced rental housing, and the rents charged for ARA rental apartments are regulated. Read more about ARA’s activities. Ara

Resident selection criteria

When selecting residents, we follow the guidelines set by ARA, which means that we aim to offer apartments to those who need them most. Priority in the selection of residents is given to homeless people and other applicants in the most urgent need of housing, the most deprived and those with the lowest incomes.

Tenant choices are affected by factors such as the urgency of housing needs, life situation, income and wealth.

Other factors to consider

Payment default entry

If you have lost your credit history, it can be difficult to find a rental property on the free market. However, payment defaults are not an obstacle to getting a home from Sevas Homes. Loss of credit history affects the amount of collateral requested and the form of the contract.


It is possible for a minor to move into a rental apartment at Sevas Homes. In this case, the guardian/guardian is responsible for the child’s rent and residence until the child reaches the age of majority, in which case the guardian’s consent form must be filled in. The form can be obtained by requesting this from our customer service advisors by email at We process all applications on a case-by-case basis. You can ask our customer service for more information.


Pets are definitely welcome in Sevas Homes normal rental apartments.


The standard number of keys for a normal rent apartment is three, for larger 4h and 5h apartments the number is four. Additional keys are paid for by the resident, additional keys can be ordered by contacting us or by visiting sevas Kodit Oy’s office.

When living in a shared apartment, you will receive one key. If you live in a studio apartment, it is possible to get two keys. The same key amounts apply to family apartments as to normal rental apartments.

A key register of keys is kept for security. When moving into the apartment, the new tenant goes to pick up and sign off the keys at the office. When handing over the keys, it is checked that the tenant receives the required number of keys, so that no keys are lost or for the old resident. A resident who moves out, on the other hand, returns all the keys he or she has received to the office, where the keys are acknowledged as returned.

The apartment key can be used to access the common areas intended for residents. The key is personal and must be used responsibly and carefully. If the key is lost, contact sevas Kodit Oy office (property administration) immediately. The tenant pays for the new key ordered to replace the lost key and, if necessary, for the lock change or programming.

If you have forgotten your key at home, contact the on-call service. Door opening service is subject to a fee. The door to the apartment is opened only to the resident registered in the apartment, who must therefore be able to prove his identity.

Who can apply for student housing?

You can apply for Sevas student housing if your studies are full-time, leading to a degree and entitling you to student financial aid. A prerequisite is the submission of a student certificate or student acceptance certificate to the housing office. We offer apartments in spring and summer, which can be applied for by anyone who has, for example, a temporary job / summer job or an internship in Seinäjoki.

When and how can I apply for student housing?

You can apply for an apartment immediately with an apartment application once your place of study has been confirmed, but no earlier than four months before the desired move-in date. After filling in the application on our website, we will process your application. As soon as the apartment that best meets the search criteria is found, we will send an apartment offer by e-mail.

What is included in the rent of student housing?

The rent of student apartments always includes water, electricity and internet access. In addition, all properties also have a laundry room, sauna shifts and storage facilities as additional services free of charge.

What kind of cell dwelling is it and how does it differ from a cellular unit?

You can apply for a cell apartment and a cell apartment. A room in a shared apartment is a good option, for example, for a student just starting his studies. It is possible to live in an apartment throughout your studies. Shared apartments are the most affordable apartments in Sevas, where individual life makes it possible to get to know new people.

The student rents his own room in a shared apartment, where usually 2-4 people live, depending on the apartment. Each resident has their own lockable room. The kitchen, toilet and bathroom are common to all residents in the apartment. The so-called “cell apartment” has its own toilet and bathroom for each resident. Sevas has separately shared apartments for female and male students (there are some exceptions). There are both furnished and unfurnished shared apartments. The common areas may have furniture for other residents. The kitchen has a fridge, freezer and stove. It is not allowed to keep a pet in shared apartments.

What are the studio apartments in student apartments like?

A studio apartment is a one-person apartment with its own room, kitchen and bathroom. The studio apartment also has a stove, oven and fridge-freezer. The studio apartments are unfurnished except at Puskantie 38 and Tornitalo, where the studio apartments are also furnished.  In the studio apartments of the tower house, pets are not allowed.

Family apartments in student housing

Sevas offers a wide range of family apartments for different life situations: studios, two-room apartments and three-room apartments. Family apartments are rented to couples and families with children. A family apartment can be rented as a shared apartment, taking into account, however, that if one resident leaves sooner than the other, the person who remains in the apartment will be responsible for the entire rent alone or will look for another tenant to replace the apartment. In family apartments, it is enough that one of the tenants is a full-time student, unless it is a shared apartment, then both have their own contract and both must be students.

The family apartment has 1-3 rooms. Kitchenette/kitchen-living/kitchen and bathroom. The apartment is otherwise rented unfurnished but the bedrooms have wardrobes and the hallway usually has a cleaning closet. The kitchen has a fridge, freezer and stove.

To whom? While one or both applicants of the couple are studying, with an underage child while one or both are studying, alone with a minor child. In family apartments, pets are allowed.

Can a minor apply for an apartment?

As a minor, you can apply for an apartment if your guardian gives his or her written consent.

Can I move into a student apartment in a two-room apartment on my own?

A two-room apartment is a one-person apartment, the so-called two-person apartment. small two-room apartment with 1-2 rooms. Kitchenette/kitchen-living/kitchen and bathroom. Two-room apartments are otherwise rented unfurnished, but the apartments have a wardrobe. The kitchen has a fridge, freezer and stove.

What furniture is included in a furnished apartment?

The furnished room has a bed, duvet, pillow, desk, office chair, bookcase and wardrobe.

Attachments can be sent either

With secure email, open an internet browser and enter the URL in the field:

As a file to our email


By mail to our address: Sevas Kodit Oy, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki


Can the response time for an apartment offer be extended?

If you need more time to confirm the offer, please contact our customer service as soon as possible either by calling 06 420 3311 or by e-mail at

Please note that it is not always possible to give extra time.

After the deadline, the housing offer automatically expires and the apartment is offered to the next applicant. If your response to the apartment offer comes late, it is very likely that the apartment has already been offered to the next applicant.

How do I accept an apartment offer I have received?

You can accept an apartment offer by calling our customer service on 06 420 3311 or by sending an email to or by visiting our office during office hours at Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki.

When will I receive an apartment offer?

After submitting the application, we will contact you immediately if we have an apartment to offer you.

When an apartment offer is accepted

A financial guarantee must be provided within the deadline, otherwise Sevas Kodit Oy will have to cancel the housing offer.


Hoping to see the apartment?

If you have found a home, please contact our customer service on 06 420 3311 or by e-mail at

If the apartment offered is still inhabited, we will arrange a display with the current resident.

You can’t get on site to see the apartment

If there are photographs of the property, we will send them by e-mail.

Can someone else go and see the apartment for me?

Yes. Contact our customer service by phone on 06 420 3311 or by e-mail to

Key retrieval for display

The collection of the key must be agreed with our customer service representatives in advance. The key can be picked up from our office, on weekdays between 10:00 and 15:00.

Display key recovery

When the office is open, there is no need to wait in line. The key can be dropped into the mailbox in the lobby. When the office is closed, the key should be returned from the front door inside the office.

If the apartment is undergoing renovation, we cannot arrange a display until the renovation is complete.


When will the security deposit be returned?

The security deposit will be returned within one (1) month of the end of the tenancy if the tenant does not have open receivables for Sevas Homes and the removal inspection does not reveal anything to be invoiced.

How do I know how much I have to pay in security?

The person accepted as a tenant must pay a security deposit on the pre-printed bank transfer form accompanying the notification letter (offer) before signing the lease agreement.

The financial security is determined by the type of apartment.

1room+kitchen, 1room+kitchen, 1room+tk, 2rooms+kitchenette = 700€

2rooms+kitchen & 2rooms+tk = 900€

3rooms+kitchen & 3rooms+tk = 1000€

4rooms+kitchen = 1200€

5rooms+kitchen = 1400€

Deposit account number:
IBAN: FI66 5419 0120 0984 58

An alternative to the financial guarantee is KELA’s discretionary payment commitment, for which Sevas Kodit first gives instructions to the person accepted as a tenant on the amount of the payment commitment (not like the amount of the financial security).

The security deposit is kept in the company’s account for the entire duration of the tenancy. The payment will be refunded at the end of the tenancy if the tenant has fulfilled his obligations and the apartment is handed over with all the keys cleaned in normal condition. The landlord has the right to withhold from the security deposit all claims arising from the terms of the lease agreement.

Will I lose the apartment if I do not provide the security on time?

If the customer does not contact our customer service within the deadline, Sevas Kodit Oy will have to cancel the offer.

Lease agreement and rental period

The lease is made either for an indefinite period or for a fixed term. The rental agreement is signed at Sevas Kodit Oy’s office or electronically using bank codes.  The contract for a family apartment is signed by both spouses. A minor’s rental agreement is signed by both the resident and the guardian. You can get a house book extract free of charge from the office if you need it.

By signing the rental agreement, you agree to comply with the Tenancy Act, the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and the regulations. The house rules and regulations are also binding on your guests.

You can take a subtenant to your apartment for a fixed period of time. In accordance with the Tenancy Act, this must be authorised by Sevas Kodit Oy. However, as the main tenant, you are responsible for the apartment and the payment of rent even when the subtenant lives there. The main tenant pays the rent to Sevas Kodit Oy and collects it from the subtenant.

The rental agreement can be signed either electronically or at our office.

Family contracts are joint and several liability and all tenants must sign a lease agreement. All signatures should be on the same contract paper.

We recommend all our residents to take out home insurance and liability insurance for their movables from their own insurance company. Sevas Kodit Oy’s insurance does not cover the residents’ movables.

Move-in date

The move-in date is the start date of the lease. You can inquire about the day from sevas Kodit Oy’s office.

Notification of move

The notification of moving into or out of the apartment is updated in one go in both the Population Information System maintained by the local register offices and Posti. The notification can be made by calling the number 0295 535 535 or on the Internet . Be sure to also notify Sevas about the move to update the house book.

Removal inspection

When moving into an apartment, inspect the condition of the apartment.

The purpose of the move-in inspection is to guarantee the legal protection of the new resident so that you will not be held liable for any damages that may already be present in the apartment when moving in. If there are any shortcomings in the cleaning of the apartment, contact sevas Kodit Oy’s office immediately.

When you move out

The resident’s notice period is one (1) calendar month, which is always calculated until the end of the month following the month of termination. Therefore, if you want your lease to end at the end of December, the termination form must be made and delieverd to Sevas Kodit office no later than the end of November. You can print out the notice of termination from our website or use the electronic OmaSevas service.

Termination is always made in writing or electronically. A signature is required from each party that has signed the lease agreement.

Departure cleaning

The apartment must be cleaned before moving out in such a condition that it is suitable for even the most demanding new resident. Especially carefully it is worth cleaning the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Also, be sure to defrost and turn off the refrigerator and freezer and leave their doors wide open. If Sevas Kodit Oy has to order cleaning for the apartment, the cleaning costs will be charged to the tenant who has moved out. Departure cleaning instructions can be found on the back of the termination form.

Also clean and empty the warehouses and take away all your belongings in them. Goods, etc. must not be left lying in the warehouses or in the common areas of the house. The removal of goods left in the apartment, warehouses and common areas is invoiced to the resident moving out.

Can the due date of the rent be postponed?

The due date for rent is always the 5th of the month. However, automatic payment reminders don’t leave until after half a month, so if by then the rent hasn’t been paid, Lowell will send a reminder invoice. In this case, the rent is paid by invoice sent by Lowell. A collection fee of EUR 5.00 and legal interest on arrears have been added to the payment reminder.

Is the rent payment reference number the same every month?


Why do I get an electricity bill from the electricity company even though I have moved out of the Sevas apartment?


Rent, water fees and parking space fees are paid no later than the 5th day of each month. Sevas Kodit Oy provides residents with payment instructions.

When paying, use the correct reference number and check that the amount you have paid is correct. Keep your payment receipts or bank statements as proof of the rent paid.

If the payment of rent is delayed, the tenant will be charged the interest on late payment, the notice fee and collection costs valid at the time. The signatories of the lease of the apartment are jointly and severally liable for the payments based on the lease agreement.

The apartment must always be terminated in writing. The period of notice is one full calendar month. The period of notice is calculated from the last day of the month in which the termination is made.

The termination is made using the termination form and signing by hand. A signature is required from each party that has signed the lease agreement. Please remember to add your phone number to your dismissal, where we can reach you if necessary.

When filling in the termination form, ALWAYS PROVIDE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER in IBAN format. The IBAN account number begins with FI and is 18 characters. You can find your own IBAN account number on your bank statement. The deposit can only be returned to an IBAN-formatted account.


If there are continuous violations of the rules and regulations in your apartment building, such as noise during silence, please contact Sevas Kodit Oy’s customer service 06 420 3311 or by email


A written notification of a housing disorder is made to the landlord. The notification can be made by filling in the housing disorder form. The aim of a written notification of a housing disturbance must be to restore living peace, living comfort and safety to the residents of the entire housing community. The notification should include the personal view and experience of the disorder from more people from different families and residents.

Send the form filled out or post Sevas Kodit Oy, Matti Visannin kuja 10, 60100 Seinäjoki. You can bring the form to our office, if you arrive outside the opening hours, leave the form at the mail box at the front door.


Sevas Kodit Oy’s housing projects have tenant committees, whose representatives can be members of the tenant council. When you want to raise issues, contact your house’s tenant committee or members of the tenant council.

The contact information of the tenant committee is usually on the notice board of the property. If you cannot find the contact information of the tenant committee, please contact Sevas Kodit Oy’s customer service on 06 420 3311 or

The Tenant Council acts as a link between the residents and the Board of Directors of Sevas Kodit Oy and organises a joint programme for the residents. Chairman of the Tenant Council Mauri Ahonen, Törnäväntie 10, 040 584 2964.

The residents’ voices are ensured by the Act on Joint Administration, which gives the residents of rented houses the opportunity to influence matters concerning their own housing.

Tenant activities and tenant meetings

Residents exercise decision-making power at a meeting of residents. Persons entitled to vote are all persons aged 18 or over living permanently in the building.

The residents’ meeting is convened by the Tenant Committee. If it does not exist, the convener may be the landlord if the tenants so wish.

The residents’ meeting has the right to elect a tenant committee.

If desired, the residents’ meeting may decide that the duties will be divided between the residents’ meeting, the tenant committee or the trustees. The system has been made flexible so that the Act on Joint Administration works according to the wishes and needs of the residents.

At the meeting of the tenants and tenant committees, the residents of the houses have the democratic right to make statements on Sevas Kodit Oy’s budget proposal, rent determination proposal, repair measures to be included in the budget, long-term repair plans and the content of the maintenance agreement.

In addition, residents have the right to supervise the implementation of the principles of care and maintenance, the implementation of the principles of renting and sharing common parking spaces, saunas, laundry rooms and similar premises, as well as the proper use of craft and club rooms and similar facilities.

Sevas Kodit Oy submits to the budget those residential buildings that have reported the information of the chairman, contact person or shop steward of the tenant committee of their property.

Residents’ Council

The chairmen of the tenant committees elect the members of the tenant council. The Tenant Council cooperates with the tenant committees, residents and the board of Sevas Kodit Oy. The Tenant Council makes an annual proposal to the Annual General Meeting from among its members to be elected to the Board of Directors of Sevas Kodit Oy and their deputies. The aim of the residents’ council’s activities is to make housing meaningful and to have a peaceful living environment.

All Sevas Homes rentals include free internet access.

Since the beginning of February (1.2.2024), speeds have been increased to 50 Mbit/s.

Internet access is included in the rent. The resident must make an agreement with Elisa and purchase the AC adapter themselves. If you wish, you can buy more internet connection speed from Elisa.


The tenant must replace the radiators with the smoke alarm themselves.

What should I do if it doesn’t help?

The resident must contact the maintenance company.

Replacing all bulbs is the resident’s responsibility.


Make sure that you follow the recycling and collection instructions of the waste disposal points in your residential building. Waste disposal points are not landfills where you can leave them, for example. broken household appliances and furniture. The removal of goods left at the waste disposal points is invoiced.

The use of laundry and drying facilities is included in the rent. The reservation of the premises is made by putting the name and room number on the reservation list. Use all machines carefully. Report the fault to the maintenance company without delay if you notice any faults.

Clean up the end of your turn after yourself.

If you wash and dry laundry in your apartment, take care of adequate ventilation to avoid moisture damage.

Rescue plans can be found in the OmaSevas service.

Use of yard areas

It is forbidden to move and park a motor vehicle on driveways, courtyards and walkways. Parking of cars is permitted only in designated places. Places are not for cars that are not on the register.

Pets are walked tethered and the waste must be collected and delivered to the waste bins.

From the usual normal car heating outlets, it is strictly forbidden to charge electric cars.

Your apartment must remain intact and usable even for future residents. If you attach paintings and furniture to the walls, then only a decent number of holes are drilled.

If you want to make changes to your apartment, always contact the property manager first. The tenant is responsible for the costs of restoring the apartment.

The sites are equipped with dishwashers, the installation must be carried out by an authorized plumbing company.

The resident installs washing machines in his apartment at his own risk and at his own expense. Make sure that the washing and dishwasher connections are properly installed. Responsibility for the installation lies with the installer chosen by the customer, who must have the required professional qualifications.

Remember that when disconnecting household appliances when moving out, you will properly plug the connections. Carefully store the cabinet in the dishwasher compartment in your warehouse and reinstall it when moving out (the installation of the cabinet is not part of the work of the service company). The dishwasher is not part of Sevas Kodit Oy’s equipment, so it must be taken away when moving.

A fault report is made directly to the house maintenance company. Contact the on-call service or make a service call through our website. Problems requiring immediate treatment (e.g. bleeding) should be reported immediately. Reporting a detected defect or damage is the duty of each resident, failure to notify may result in liability for damages.

When a serviceman comes to fix a defect in the apartment, he first rings the doorbell. If no one is at home, they will use a master key. When making a maintenance notification, you can also hope to contact us by phone before going to the apartment. If you have pets, please report it when reporting the fault so that the maintenance man knows to be prepared for the matter.

Check out the property management responsibility distribution table that you received when signing the lease agreement. The liability distribution table shows which party (company or resident) is responsible for the operation or matter related to the management and maintenance of the property. Check out the table at the link below.


The landlord charges the tenant compensation for the costs of the tenant’s negligent violation of the apartment or the untidiness of the apartment.


The car is used by the residents of Nurmikatu, Manttaalikatu, Larvakuja and Herralankatu. The car is located in front of nurmikatu 4-6 D crab.

There are common storage spaces for outdoor equipment, prams and bicycles.

During the winter season, it is a good idea to store the bikes in bike shelters away from snow work. Bikes for stairwells, etc. must not be stored.

All apartments have apartment-specific storage booths. The inventory number is the same as the apartment number. When moving out, the storage booth must also be emptied, the removal of goods left there will be invoiced.

Goods that endanger fire safety, such as mopeds, batteries or fuels, must not be stored in the storage rooms. It is also forbidden to store all bulk goods in other common areas and warehouses. Sevas Kodit Oy is not responsible for items to be disposed of that have been left in places that do not belong to them.

The use of the sauna is included in the rent.

A reservation list can be found in every sauna space in the property.

Make sure that you leave the sauna facilities tidy.