Housing credit

Sevas Kodit Oy compensates its residents for long-term living in the same Sevas home.
Sevas Kodit Oy compensates those long-term residents of Sevas Kodit Oy who, in addition to living in the same Sevas Kodit Oy apartment for a long time, have also fulfilled their obligations to the landlord without fail and have set an example to other residents in our rental housing community.

When you have lived continuously in the same Sevas Kodit Oy apartment for more than 15 years, you are entitled to a refund.
In 2021, residents whose lease was concluded in 2006 or before in the same apartment where they now live are entitled to a refund.

Basics of refund

  • The housing must have been mostly impeccable.
  • There must be no behavioural violations that led to the sending of the disturbance letter for the past year. For the entire period of residence, there may be no more than two of them.
  • There must be no rent payment delays that led to the sending of a written debt collection letter during the last three (3) years.
  • Rent payments must be up to date at the time of refund.
  • The condition of the apartment can be checked before the refund. In this case, the apartment must be in such a condition that, for example, the security money can be returned.
  • Normal wear and tear inherent in housing is allowed.

Refund methods

The resident can choose a refund from the following options:

  • one month (1 month) rent credit
  • return of the security deposit
  • major cleaning of the apartment

1. Rent credit

The effect of the compensation on the amount of housing allowance must be agreed upon by the resident himself or herself with the payer of the housing allowance.

2. Returning your security deposit

If the security deposit has been paid in cash, the deposit will be returned to the person who made the security deposit.

If the resident has a personal guarantee, the guarantee liability is returned to the personal guarantor.

If the security deposit is provided by social services, etc. the commitment of the entity, the security is returned to the person who gave the commitment.

3. Major cleaning

The time and method of cleaning must be agreed with the technical property manager of the housing project.


Every year in November, we send a letter, to those residents who are eligible for a refund.

We will process refunds by the end of December.