Sevas strategy


Sevas Kodit Oy is the city's most versatile and reliable apartment renter.


Sevas Kodit Oy, owned by the city of Seinäjoki, is a safe landlord. The company offers rental apartments attractive in terms of price-quality ratio on a cost-effective basis to city residents who need them.

Action idea

- Sevas Kodit Oy owns, builds, maintains, manages and rents affordable apartments that meet the needs of residents in the city of Seinäjoki.
- Sevas Kodit Oy operates efficiently and economically as a non-profit, city-owned company.
- The company develops and refines its housing stock in such a way that it is suitable for the current demand for rental housing.
- The company takes into account the needs of different groups of residents, safety and living comfort, following the principle of an appropriate price-quality ratio.
- Sevas Kodit Oy actively serves the owner, residents, partners and customers.
- The company promotes issues related to owning real estate and renting and building apartments in Seinäjoki and the surrounding economic area.


Resident orientation

Versatile, functional communication and influence channels support resident orientation and resident democracy. The staff serves the residents personally.


We strengthen trust between residents, those in need of housing, the company, the public and city authorities.


We ensure the continuity of housing for our residents, we carefully select the members of the housing community and proactively maintain living comfort in our residential properties.


We treat residents and those in need of housing fairly and encourage everyone to live responsibly.

Economy and quality

Sevas homes are competitive in terms of price-quality ratio throughout their life cycle.