In the southern part of the city, the residential areas of Pajuluoma, Törnävä, Soukkajoki, Simuna and Kärki have apartment buildings, terraced houses and small apartment buildings.

In the residential areas of the southern parts of the city there are apartment buildings, terraced houses and low-rise buildings.

In pajuluoma’s cozy and relatively new housing area, all our apartments are in terraced houses.

In the heart of scenic and historic Törnävä lies our two three-storey apartment buildings and one small apartment building.

Nearby are a shop, a post office, a bank, a pharmacy, a service station, a school, a beach and good outdoor opportunities.

The residential areas of Soukkajoki and Simuna are slightly in the direction of Jalasjärvi from Törnävä. Lake Kyrkösjärvi is just a stone’s throw away.

In the direction of Peräseinäjoki, Kärki, is called as a child-friendly residential area protected from traffic noise and pollution. The distance to the city center is still only about six kilometers. The best thing about Kärki is the closeness to nature. You can go outdoors and hike nearby with both children and pets. A shop, a school, a maternity clinic, a dental clinic, a playground, a daycare centre and a ballpark are right next door, as are Törnävä beach and mini golf.


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Destinations from Törnävä

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Destinations in the district Soukkajoki

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